2015 Fall Season Starts Sept 13 - Schedules have been posted - Please confirm your field availability and correct listing for home or away games

September 2 General Membership Meeting Crows Nest at 8:00 PM/7:00 PM Executive Committee.

September 13 – Fall Season 1st Game

October 14 Board Meeting

 November 18 General Membership Meeting  Crows Nest at 8:00 PM/7:00 PM Executive Committee.

Congratulations to the USLNJ 2014 Division Champions

Premier Division               NJ UNION FC

Second Division                 SC COLOMBIA

Third Division                     SPORTSFRIENDS FC

Forth Division                    SOUTH BERGEN UNITED

Senior 1 Division               OLD PROVIDENCE

Senior 2 Division               SANTA FE


Congratulations to the USLNJ 2014 Golden Boot Winners

Premier Division               CARLOS GABRIELI - TRAQUINAS OLD GLORY

Second Division                 LUIS CALDERON - SC COLOMBIA

Third Division                     SANDRO PARADA - ARGENTINO JUNIORS

Forth Division                    ADAM WEITZ - LIVINGSTON UNITED SC

Senior 1 Division               JAIRO CASTANO - PARSIPPANY BLUES SENIORS

Senior 2 Division               WOJTEK POTORSKI - SANTA FE

Are you  and or your team looking  to play soccer in an organized, competitive outdoor  league - We have many teams in the over 40 and over 50 divisions that are currently looking for additional players and the league can accept a couple of more teams.  We have 60 teams in  six different divisions so we can accommodate just about any level of play.  We play all over  North Jersey (Bergen, Essex, Morris, Sussex, Passaic, and Union counties) and Rockland NY area.  Games are played Spring and Fall on Sunday mornings.  If interested please :

1. Navigate to the Tab called Teams

2. There are 4 divisions for over 40 and two Senior divisions for over 50 - Premier is the most competitive division

3. Choose a team that is nearby - not every team has their town in their name so if you choose a team and click on Stadium you can see where they play their home games

4. Once you find a team or two that is close to where you live or perhaps a team associated with a country that you would prefer to play on - click on the managers tab and get their contact information and ping them - Suggestion - choosing more than one team to contact.



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